SharePoint ASK Library

The SharePoint​ ASK Library works in​ all ​on-premise 2013+ and online versions of SharePoint​.​ ​​The framework is entirely client-side and uses the built-in SharePoint REST framework, removing the need to deploy, ​and ​manage​ server-side solutions​, which enables an easy migration to the next version of SharePoint​.​ This solution can be used to develop applications through custom pages, Content Editor ​Web Parts, or anywhere else JavaScript can be used within SharePoint. This is truly ​the future of SharePoint development.

This framework is designed to remove a lot of the overhead required for SharePoint development, allowing the developer to focus on the client requirements.​ Installation is easy too. Just upload the js file to a SharePoint library, reference the code in your js file, and it's available for use. The framework also supports TypeScript, with Intellisense, making the lives of your developers that much easier. The use of this framework can improve development speed by over 10x. With a little training, your development shop will be churning out solutions faster than ever before.

Pricing Information:

The price for an enterprise ASK license is $5,000 per license. If you are utilizing on-premises SharePoint instances, you will need one license for each SharePoint Web Application, which provides you with unlimited commercial use for a one-year period. For SharePoint Online, a separate license is necessary for the first 10 site collections annually. Beyond that, each subsequent block of 40 site collections requires an additional annual license. For bulk licensing options, specialized training, or dedicated support, please reach out to us for a customized quote.

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SharePoint Office Organization Chart

Using a combination of the The SharePoint​ Automation Framework and the SharePoint Term Stores, we will soon offer a completely customizable Organization Chart. Quickly and easily deployed, and even an intern can manage it. Just as with the SharePoint Automation Framework, this solution is available on the client-side of any SharePoint 2013 and up version, including SharePoint Online/365.

Pricing Information:

​Enterprise license ​cost is still TBD.

Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a goal-setting framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. Pioneered by Google to get things done, this application empowers you to track and improve the key results your agency cares about. Use a system that is used among some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world on the Microsoft SharePoint platform you are already used to.

Not sure what OKRs are?

OKRs comprise an objective—a clearly defined goal—and 3–5 key results—specific measures used to track the achievement of that goal. The goal of OKR is to define how to achieve objectives through concrete, specific and measurable actions. Key results can be measured on a 0–100% scale or any numerical unit (e.g. dollar amount, %, items, etc.). Objectives should also be supported by initiatives, which are the plans and activities that help to achieve the objective and move forward the key results. It is recommended that your target success rate for key results be 70%. A 70% success rate encourages competitive goal making that is meant to stretch workers at low risk. If 100% of the key results are consistently being met, key results should be reevaluated.

Trends Table Explanation

From a single page, you can do it all. Each Goal, Objective, and Key Result is linked to a popup for quick viewing and editing. For an immediate snapshot of your Key Results, the percentages achieved are visualized with a color gradient from red to yellow to green. Immediately upon saving a form, the report will auto-update. The OKR Trends report can be customized to show as many quarters as you want to track. In the image below, the last four quarters are shown. All reports and forms can be further customized to match your requirements.

Example of Trends Page

Modal Explanation

Stacking modals add for a more convenient and faster user experience.

Pricing Information:

The annual ASK license is required for each SharePoint Web Application used. Base price without customizations is $15,000. For customizations, please contact us!

Ethical Hiring System

The Ethical Hiring System is a self-contained hiring application which meets all government-mandated hiring requirements. The all-in-one application allows the creation of positions, candidates, and interviews quickly and easily. Each position and interview can be tailored completely to the agency process with up to 20 interview questions, additional quality assessments, interview scheduling, candidate weighting and automatic ranking based on interview results, and more! In mere minutes, HR can create a position, add qualified cadidates, and begin the interview scheduling process. Once you finish populating the list of interview questions to be used to evaluate the candidates, you're ready to kick off the first interview!

Position table:

A sortable and filterable table that can be used to quickly see all available positions. Each position has its own criteria and list of qualified candidates.

Example of the Position Table

Interview table:

A sortable and filterable table that can be used to see a list of Interviews, along with each interview, overall score, and qualitative scores. Each interview record links to the position and to the candidate's interview to quickly access all information related to the position. With a view of the evaluated score of the interview, candidates can quickly be filtered and sorted to find exactly the person and position you need.

Example of the Interview Table

Pricing Information:

The annual ASK license is required for each SharePoint Web Application used. Base price without customizations is $25,000. For customizations, please contact us!

Custom Solutions Built to Your Specifications!

Ashkore has years of experience creating one-of-a-kind solutions for businesses and government customers. Using SharePoint 2013+ or Office 365, we can customize SharePoint to meet your needs. We'll save you time, money, and frustration by automating business processes. We can create the perfect user experience for an application, beautiful dashboards for management, useful metrics for decision makers, workflows, process tracking, you name it. We provide free estimates for custom solutions, so there's no risk to you.

If you can dream it, we can build it! Email us today for a quote.

Pricing Information:

Prices are determined based on level of complexity, and level of effort. All delivered solutions include 1 year of maintenance to ensure your satisfaction. We offer custom development as a service, too!

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